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Hamsalekha Ringtone Download

Hamsalekha, known in Kannada as ಹಂಸಲೇಖ, is a prominent Music Director and lyricist in the Kannada film industry. Renowned for his contributions, he has composed music for over 300 feature films and penned lyrics for roughly the same number. His journey began with the groundbreaking movie “Premaloka” in 1987, where his captivating melodies and vibrant lyrics captured the essence of Kannada music.

Recently, Hamsalekha has transitioned into directing, with his upcoming film “Nalme,” starring K. Shivaramu, known for his role in “Baa Nalle Madhuchandrakke.” Born Govindaraju Gangaraju on June 23, Hamsalekha hails from Mysore and is deeply rooted in Kannada culture. His spouse, Latha, is a renowned playback singer.

Initially introduced to feature films by M.N. Prasad, Hamsalekha’s fame soared when he collaborated with Actor-Director Ravichandran. Their partnership, starting with “Premaloka,” lasted over 12 years, enchanting Kannada audiences with memorable melodies. Although their last collaboration, “Ondagona Baa,” didn’t match previous successes, their body of work remains cherished.

Hamsalekha’s musical style is a fusion of western, Hindustani, and Carnatic classical music, enriched by the contributions of the talented guitarist Gopi B. He draws inspiration from legendary figures like Dr. Rajkumar, Richard Burton, Marlyn Manroe, and directors like Guru Dutt and Shantaram.

His legacy continues to inspire, reflecting his enduring impact on Kannada cinema.

Hamsalekha Ringtone Download Mp3

Ringtone DownloadArtistsAlbumDuration
Om Mahaprana Deepam Ringtone DownloadShankar MahadevanSri Manjunatha04:59
Onde Usirente Ringtone DownloadRajesh, K. S. ChithraSnehaloka06:04
Brahma Murari Ringtone DownloadRamesh Chandra, NandithaSri Manjunathaa03:01
Om Aaksharaya Namaha Ringtone DownloadHemant Kumar, K. S. ChithraSri Manjunathaa06:14
Titanic Heroine Ringtone DownloadSonu NigamSnehaloka05:42
Hamsave Hamsave-Sonu Nigam Ringtone DownloadSonu Nigam, K. S. ChithraGattimela04:41
Hombale Hombale Ringtone DownloadRajesh, K. S. ChithraNanaseya Hoove04:47
Enddu Banigella Habba Ringtone DownloadK. S. ChithraNenapirali05:06
Okkade Okkade Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamSri Manjunatha04:06
Urumila Urumila Ringtone DownloadManu, Manjula GururajCircle Inspector04:40
Yaarige Yaaru Ringtone DownloadRajeshSnehaloka05:05
Ananda Paramananda Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamSri Manjunatha04:32
Brahmamurari Ringtone DownloadRamesh Chandra, NandithaSri Manjunatha03:01
Obbane Obbane Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamSri Manjunathaa41:37
Hedhe Chipinali Ringtone DownloadRajesh, K. S. ChithraNagara Havu05:51
Ee Paadam Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamSri Manjunatha05:18
Halli Haadu Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamDore05:07
Ananda Paramananda Ringtone DownloadS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, K. S. ChithraSri Manjunathaa04:32
Ago Bandanu Ringtone DownloadK J Yesudas, K. S. ChithraDore05:09
Rannan Nanno Ringtone DownloadRajesh, K. S. ChithraPremachari04:34
Obbane Obbane Ringtone DownloadNandithaSri Manjunathaa41:37
Ee Paadha Punya Pada Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamSri Manjunathaa05:16
Kurakku Kalli Kere Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamNenapirali05:22
Collegegu Thanks Ringtone DownloadS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Latha HamsalekhaJoot05:21
Sri Maham Manjunatha Ringtone DownloadChorusSri Manjunatha01:31
Hoovantha Henne Ringtone DownloadRamesh ChandraPremachari04:51
Honimeya Deepa Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamDore04:56
Baaramma Badavara Manege Ringtone DownloadK. S. ChithraLakshmi Mahalakshmi04:30
Ajantha Yellora Ringtone DownloadVijay YesudasNenapirali04:59
Thangi Ninna Naguvinalliondu Ringtone DownloadMadhu BalakrishnaThavarige Baa Thangi05:52
Sneha Preethi Ringtone DownloadAdnan SamiSoundarya05:05
Raitha Raitha Ringtone DownloadDr.RajkumarDore04:49
Sri Manjunatha Charitham Aakashame Aakaramai Ringtone DownloadAnuradha Sharma, S. P. BalasubrahmanyamSri Manjunatha07:51
Jenina Goodu Naavella Ringtone DownloadRajesh, K. S. ChithraHabba05:25
Nenapirali Ringtone DownloadChethan, K. S. ChithraNenapirali06:13
Neenu Avlaagabahudu Ringtone DownloadS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, K. S. ChithraJoot05:33
Kaasina Mele Loka Ringtone DownloadS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Chamal RaoLakshmi Mahalakshmi04:53
Oho Garala Kanta Ringtone DownloadAnuradha Sharma, S. P. BalasubrahmanyamSri Manjunatha06:05
Onde Usirante Ringtone DownloadRajesh, K. S. ChithraHabba06:07
Hubaliya Sheharadaga Ringtone DownloadK.K., Anuradha ShriramAnna Thangi06:18
Sriman Maha Manjunatha Ringtone DownloadChorusSri Manjunathaa01:33
Thanuvina Manege Ringtone DownloadS. P. BalasubrahmanyamSri Manjunathaa04:35
Hombale Hombale Ringtone DownloadRajesh Krishnan, K. S. ChithraHamsalek04:37
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