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Master Ebrahim Ringtone Download

Master Ebrahim Ringtone Download

Master Ebrahim (1915-1980) was a distinguished Indian clarinetist renowned for his contributions to Hindustani classical music. Trained rigorously in this tradition, he showcased his mastery of ragas as a solo artist, performing multiple times each month on All India Radio, Bombay, from 1936 to 1974. His versatility extended beyond solo performances as he lent instrumental … Read more

Kishore Desai Ringtone Download

Kishore Desai, an unsung maestro of music, has etched his mark on countless melodies, remaining a hidden gem amidst the vast constellation of musicians who adorned tunes of yesteryears, yet continue to resonate with audiences today. Like a distant galaxy in the boundless expanse of the universe, his brilliance shines, beckoning all who seek the … Read more

Kash Ringtone Download

Kash Ringtone Download

Lady Kash, often known as Kash, is a rapper/songwriter hailing from Singapore, who embarked on her solo career in 2007. Collaborating with prominent music composers, she made her debut in 2010 with A. R. Rahman and has since worked with a diverse range of talents including Yuvan Shankar Raja, Anirudh Ravichander, Santhosh Narayanan, Harris Jayaraj, … Read more

Rajendra Shivji: A Maestro in Indian Music

An Illustrious Career in Music Rajendra Shivji is a distinguished music composer and playback singer hailing from India. Renowned for his versatile contributions across multiple music genres, including Bollywood, Indian classical music, and regional films, Shivji has carved a niche for himself in the highly competitive Indian music industry. His profound understanding of music, coupled … Read more

Pamela Chopra: A Musical Journey

Pamela Chopra is not just a name in the music industry; she is a legend whose melodious voice has captivated audiences for over three decades. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Chopra began her musical journey at a young age, displaying an innate talent for singing that would soon become her defining feature. Pamela Chopra: … Read more

Farida Khanum Ringtone Download

Farida Khanum is an esteemed figure in the world of Ghazal music, hailed as the Malika-e-Ghazal, or Queen of Ghazal, for her exceptional vocal prowess and captivating performances. Residing in Lahore, Punjab, she graces select musical gatherings with her presence, enchanting audiences with her soulful renditions. In recognition of her unparalleled contributions to music, Farida … Read more

Geet Sagar Ringtone Download

Geet Sagar is an Indian playback singer and songwriter known for his work primarily in the Hindi film industry. He gained prominence after participating in and winning the singing reality show “X Factor India” in 2011. His melodious voice and versatile singing style have earned him a considerable fan following. Born and raised in Mumbai, … Read more

Sonik-Omi Ringtone Download

Sonik-Omi is a Japanese singer and dancer who was born in Tokushima, Japan in 1992. She is best known for her popular music videos and performances on Japanese video streaming platforms, such as YouTube. She has a large following on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Sonik-Omi is known for her energetic performances … Read more

Gulraj Singh Ringtone Download

Gulraj Singh Ringtone Download

Gulraj Singh, a versatile Indian musician, has left an indelible mark on Bollywood’s music scene. Beginning his journey alongside Kunal Ganjawala, he swiftly made his presence felt through his exceptional musicality. His collaborations extended to crafting scores for numerous chart-topping tracks and eventually led him to join forces with Salim Sulaiman. It was during this … Read more

Hemant Chauhan Ringtone Download

Hemant Chauhan is an Indian writer and singer associated and Padam Shri Award by Government of India 2023 with Gujarati literature and music. He was born on 7 November 1955 in Kundni village in Rajkot district of Gujarat. He specializes in Bhajan, religious and Garba songs and other folk genres. On 9 October 2012, he … Read more